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Most Board 'n Train needs can be satisfied by the 'Standard' 2 Week Program. This is continual, professional training or modification. Prices are reduced for more then one dog.

We have PowerTraining programs that are shorter in time, but fine tuned to specific problems. These Board &Train programs start as low as $500.

For more serious issues or actual behavior modification, additional weeks & modification methods may be recommended.

The Dolittle's Ranch "Board 'n Train" programs are second to none. Marshaled by Laura Dash, professional dog trainer and behavior specialist of 13 years, each program is constructed to maximize the attention and training given every Student, in a refined, cost efficient time frame.

Dependent upon the program, dogs are trained several times a day, every day; continually re-enforcing the training and developing the system you will use to maintain your dog's awesome new demeanor!

Just some of the issues we address:

  • All forms of basic or advanced Obedience training
  • Aggression towards people and/or dogs, as well as dog on dog aggression
  • House-soiling/Improper elimination
  • Excessive barking
  • Separation anxiety and/or destructiveness
  • Biting, nipping, snapping
  • Object and/or food guarding
  • Fear, shyness
  • Phobias (noise, thunderstorms, cars, men, nail clipping, etc.)
  • PICA: digestion of non-food items, rocks, fabrics, paper, etc.
  • Light & shadows chasing, air biting/swallowing, etc.
  • Obsessive compulsive behaviors (flank licking, paw gnawing, spinning, hair pulling, tail chasing)
  • Jumping, Digging
  • Many Others..
On the boarding side, we maintain 24/7 trained supervision and 'comfort-care' for all our guests. The Ranch is a secure and relaxing environment built to keep your dogs safe, loved and engaged. We provide professional central air & heat, full plumbing and private bathroom for all our Guests' humans.

Our highly trained staff of Trainers and Ranch Hands manage all playtimes and interactions, whether in group activities or privately. No guest is ever left along or unattended.

We also offer a variety of special services for little or NO additional cost, such as dispensing medicine, daily 'outdoor' walks for larger dogs, daily grooming routines and more.

The Dolittle's Ranch is a solution for the life of your dogs. Give us a call or write to find out more about our Board 'n Train programs!